as of 1 January 2022, this iteration of ꗨPerpetual has concluded. 268 unique artworks were produced by the piece during 2021, spanning series A through H. They can be seen on OpenSea. ꗨPerpetual may return with additional series in the future.

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project: ꗨPerpetual

description: In medievæl Europe, so-called perpetual stew was made in a cauldron by adding ingredients as they became available, and replenishing broth when necessary. Perpetual stews were kept hot, never ran out, and were ever-changing. Some purportedly lasted for decades and even centuries. Every bowl of a perpetual stew represented a snapshot in time; each serving somewhat different than the one that preceded it, but each sharing a common lineage.

For this piece, ꗨPerpetual, a "perpetual stew" made from digital elements has been created. Instead of a cauldron, a digital canvas frame showcases the live art (find it above this description). The piece will continue to simmer and transform, and the elements that create the mix will change and be replenished frequently by the artist.

ꗨPerpetual is intended to run during the entirety of calendar year 2021. 939 moments, each a single-edition, tokenized digital artwork, will be minted over the course of the year. Think of each moment as an individual "serving" of perpetual stew. Each moment will consist of a short animated capture of the simmering canvas, and made available as an NFT. A live UNIX timestamp, visible in the upper right of the canvas, will delineate the exact span of time each serving captures. Initial purchasers will be entitled to a signed, single-edition 5" x 5" print of a single frame of their purchased piece. The first few of the 939 servings will be minted as Series A; subsequent series designations will be announced as the piece continues to evolve over the year.

The ꗨPerpetual collection is available to browse and purchase at OpenSea ↗︎.

Latest moments:

about the artist: I am a digital artist working with a mix of digital and tangible formats. the web is a unique canvas, and front-end web development tools are my medium of choice for expressing visual ideas. (perhaps it needs to be said: I work with digital technology in other contexts.) for whatever reason, I am driven to explore how technology does, or does not, mark the passage of time. ꗨPerpetual, my first piece as, is an attempt to honor this question. more attempts will follow. as I approach topics like time, technology, reality, I am also trying to learn how to be an artist. it's not always a familiar identity. please bear with me. -ꗨ

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