ꗨAnons are animated pixel portraits. each one is inspired by someone notable. there are 1521 in the first collection. Jump to number

ꗨAnons feature a 39x39 pixel canvas and 24 frames of animation. every portrait has been analyzed for visual traits: prominent colors, color diversity and average color tone. each one has also been ranked against its peers in two categories: vividness (higher scores indicate more robust colors) and luminance (higher scores indicate brighter tones).

it is my hope that ꗨAnons exist in grey areas: between abstraction and representation, and between fame and anonymity.

1521 ꗨAnons will be minted in small batches, by request, throughout 2022. interested in owning one? reach out. the growing ꗨAnon NFT collection is built on the Polygon network and is available on OpenSea ↗︎.

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